As the number one swimwear manufacturer in North America, our expertise is equaled only by our passion for leading by example.

Our Approach

Company Values

Good business starts with sound values that go beyond the bottom line.
These are the four pillars that shape our professional relationships.


From pioneering sustainability initiatives to delivering top-quality solutions, we shape the future of swimwear.


Where we are comes from where we’ve been. Our vast experience, historic innovation, and impressive portfolio make us the exceptional leader we are today.


Your success is our success. We pool our experience and expertise to achieve collective goals.


We are flexible problem solvers. We’ve persevered through pivotal changes in our industry. No matter what obstacles we face, we always find opportunity and make a splash.

Our Story

Immersed in the Industry

Since day one back in 1979, when the founders of our family-owned company made their debut in the swimwear market, we’ve been diving deeper into the industry we know and love so well. Along the way, we’ve acquired other iconic swimwear brands that have been setting trends for more than a century. And with each passing year, our spirit of innovation continues to grow.

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Our History